Crushing On: Hailey Bernstein of Zest Floral and Event Design

We sit down with Hailey Bernstein, owner and creative director at Zest Floral, to find out what places, products and trends she's crushing on now!

By Nicole Cordier

Hailey Bernstein of Zest Floral

Hailey Bernstein of Zest Floral

Hailey Bernstein of Zest Floral has gained recognition for her creative floral arrangements and cutting-edge decorative strategy. Trained under renowned European florist Paula Pryke and a graduate of the Floral Design Institute, Bernstein’s work has been featured in many publications including the pages of Portland Bride & Groom.

We sat down with this fresh-faced florist to find out the products she can’t resist, places she keeps going back to, and trends she’s crushing on now…

PGB: What item is a must have for this season’s weddings?

HB: For the glam wedding, it’s accents of gold. For the laid-back wedding, it’s the flower crown. For the hip wedding, it’s the hashtag.

PGB: Best restaurant for getting dressed up and wearing a great outfit?

HB: Portland is such a casual town, but I’m a total dress girl, and I love getting dressed up and hitting the town. Some of my favorite stylish dinner spots are Saucebox, Departure, Bluehour, and Clarklewis. If I’m really feeling fancy, I’ll end the night with a dance sesh at Lola’s Room (when it’s 80s or 90s night).

Bernstein excels at creative, cutting edge floral design.

Bernstein excels at creative, cutting edge floral design.

PGB: Where’d you go the last time you got out of town? 

HB: I actually just got back from two weeks in Turkey! We spent the first week in the southwestern Aegean region of Turkey, on the Bodrum Peninsula. It’s a fabulous, up-and-coming getaway spot, known as the “St. Tropez of Turkey.” The second week we spent in Istanbul. And let me emphasize, Istanbul is happening. The mix of history and hip, mega-stylish restaurants and clubs, alongside ancient temples, mosques and palaces, it’s a haven for the senses. And the shopping! Let’s just say my suitcase was way heavier on the way home.

PGB: Favorite wedding blog?

HB: I love WedLuxe. It is one of my favorite go-to’s for deliciously luxurious, bold, and modern wedding inspiration.

PGB: Soundtrack for a Sunday afternoon?

HB: During wedding season, Sunday afternoons are usually spent at the studio with the Zest girls cleaning and prepping for the week ahead. We usually listen to upbeat hip-hop and dance party music, as fuel. Currently in heavy rotation: Disclosure, Outkast, and Iggy Azalea. And it’s likely that the song “212” by Azealia Banks will play at least three times a day (because I’m completely obsessed).

PGB:What item of clothing or accessory has been in heavy rotation this month? 

HB: Nude patent-leather Lanvin ballet flats (purchased on SALE at Mario’s). They go with everything, and they are insanely comfortable. Totally worth the splurge.

PGB: What item of clothing or accessory would you buy right now if you could?

This colorful table arrangement exemplifies Bernstein's fun style.

This colorful table arrangement exemplifies Bernstein’s fun style.

HB: Another three pairs of those ballet flats.

PGB: What’s the best resource for wedding planning?

HB: 1) Pinterest is fabulous for collecting ideas and sourcing inspiration photos to help convey your style and the look of your wedding.

2) Wedding vendors can be great resources for wedding planning. We love bouncing ideas around with clients, referring other vendors, helping clients find creative solutions to unexpected hurdles, etc. Weddings are our world, so ask away!

3) Professional wedding planners and coordinators make the planning process stress-free and are amazing resources to have on hand.

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