On Newsstands Now! Our Summer/Fall 2015 Issue

Pick up a copy of the hot-off-the-press edition of Portland Bride & Groom magazine

Oh happy day: The new Summer/Fall 2015 issue of the award-winning Portland Bride & Groom magazine just hit newsstands!


Photographed by Lara Ferroni, the cover of our new edition features a gown from Portland’s own Sophie Chang Collection and earrings from Charlotte’s Weddings & More.

The issue is chock-full of beautiful, inspiring local content: statement-making fashion for brides and grooms; inventive and modern wedding cakes that taste as sensational as they look; affordable blooms that look fabulously luxe; and dramatic reception-style themes staged at the Central Eastside nightclub Holocene. Plus, Real Portland Weddings, local vendors and venues, and so much more!

Pick up a copy of Portland Bride & Groom magazine at these locations.

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