Needful Things: Sock Wave

Sharp-Dressed Groom

Photograph by Justin Myers

1) Paul Smith socks. $40, Nordstrom. Grenson leather wing tip oxford brogues with blue laces sold separately. $329 and $8, Halo Shoes 2) Pantherella socks. $35, Michael Allen’s 3) and 4) Antipast socks. Both $34, Halo Shoes 5) Brooks Brothers socks. $45, Brooks Brothers 6) J. M. Dickens socks. $22, John Helmer Haberdasher 7) V. K. Nagrani socks. $40, Mario’s 8) Antipast socks. $34, Halo Shoes 9) Hook + Albert socks and 10) Pantherella socks. $40 and $35, Michael Allen’s

Sock It to Me

You can also nab fine fashion for your feet when your crew rents tuxedos or suits from the likes of Mr. Formal or Men’s Wearhouse.


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