betsy & iya is a jewelry brand that’s about more than just jewelry. We focus on story, personality, and meaning. Our story began with designer Betsy Cross in 2008, when she made the leap to pursue her passion for jewelry instead of taking the “safe” route. (“Safe” to Betsy meant working in Portland’s theatre scene and performing in an all-girl band. Some people are just born risk-takers!) Now in our 10th year, we’re still just as excited about what we do as ever.

In 2017, we came out with our Fine jewelry collection. This collection was born from Betsy’s meditations on love. Never one to work from a strictly logical headspace, Betsy leaned towards feeling and intuition to guide her designs. Instead of setting out with specific jewelry designs in mind, she explored the concept of things fitting together and let that guide her. What would these rings look like if they represented the joining of multiple objects to create something new, something better? From those thoughts came our fine collection. The rings are 14k gold and feature contrasting white and black diamonds and hand-carved details. The unique shapes of the rings mean they can be worn on their own or in combination with others.

A large part of Betsy’s journey has been creating custom jewelry. She gets to peek into other relationships and hear their beginnings, their dreams, the way each partner describes the other. From there, she creates a piece absolutely perfect for its recipient. Engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces and bracelets are all extensions of your story and how you choose to express it. We love having a part of that.

You can find us at the corner of 24th Ave and NW Thurman St, just blocks away from the studio where Betsy first started out. There you’ll find our retail shop, and right behind is our production studio. Every piece is designed by Betsy and produced by our team of talented makers right here in this studio. We love pops of color, hand-carved details, and delicate geometrics. Making jewelry makes us happy, and telling stories keeps us going.

We believe in true love. We believe in jewelry that you never want to take off. We believe eating lots of cake at weddings and dancing your feet off, drinking champagne and smiling till your face hurts. We want to be part of your big day, and to give you the jewelry you’ve always dreamed of.